【ONOMICHIYA BAJA SUR】Meditation wear | 瞑想着/ Kinari

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Spiritual quality in Hemp / 精神性の宿る素材 –「大麻布」。 


100% Premium Hemp, made in Japan※. 












The practice of using Hemp in clothing in Japan dates back to the neotholic Jomon period (14,000-300 BCE). 

Using hemp as a material has been deeply connected to Japanese culture since ancient times. It is said that 

the strong vitality of Hemp is considered to be a representation of the soul and its fibers are used as a cloth of 

“dwelling spirit” which possess the power to purify. In Shinto rituals, Hemp has been used for many aspects 

such as priest’s robe, Ōnusa, the wand used at purification ceremonies and Shimenawa which is the boundary 

line to separate the sacred space from this world. The origin of “Jingū Taima”, which is the amulets of 

representation of the sun goddess Amaterasu Ōmikami came from the distribution of hemp after being used 

for purification in ceremonies. Hemp has been believed to possess the power to activate space and life forms. 

We invite you to immerse yourself in the experience of the sense of spirituality, which Japanese have 

cherished for centuries, while in the ‘MA’ of stillness wearing ONOMICHIYA baja sur meditation wear. 

※ Because it is restricted by law to be grown in Japan, the raw hemp material is imported from China.  

It is stated that it is made in Japan due to that the hemp refining-spinning process of the raw material and 

weaving take place in Japan

素材 : composition: Hemp cloth 100%


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